Customer Support

Customer Support

Use this form for any questions regarding to the ChillDex website, purchasing questions, account management or device support.

Notable support topics:

All new orders ship out every Tuesday and Friday, Please allow a few days for your tracking info to begin to populate after your confirmation/tracking emails, Searching up tracking information immediately will result in an error.

Regarding delivery time: Packages to UK and Germany are particularly delay-prone.  On handoff from DHL Canada to USPS (US) or DHL Europe may show as frozen tracking. Please reach out if your package has had no tracking updates for more than 2 weeks.

Your satisfaction is incredibly important to me, Let me know what I can do to help.

While I will try to respond to every support question as best as humanly possible, please keep in mind that ChillDex is a one-man operation, the design, manufacture, organization of global trade suppliers and logistics network is all handled by myself.  Customer support is the most time intensive operation of them all, please be nice 🙂  I will try my best to get to you in a timely manner!