ChillDex 2.0 – Coming Soon!


New and Improved!

This version of the ChillDex is geared towards unbeatable quietness with the same great performance of the original ChillDex.
7000RPM fans with upgraded bearings for performance, reliability and ultimate quiet.
If you are concerned about your cooling solution needing to be invisible during play-sessions, this is the device for you.

Get rid of the in-headset sweat, Play longer and more comfortably with the ChillDex 2.0,
The ChillDex adapts to your temperature to always be out of mind when wearing, using or storing your headset.

See full feature list below.

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features include:
-Manual fan control of 10 speed settings + off
-Thermal based fan control “Set-And-Forget”
-Air sealing gasket
-Faceplate compatibility
-Efficient moisture expulsion reduces lens fog
-Ultra quiet 7000RPM fans.

V2.0 Improvements:
-Settings retained if index unplugged or unpowered. (this is my favorite improvement)
-Plastics modification for more airflow and elimination of blade scraping during movement.
-New electronics (upgraded CPU for better thermal curve response and memory)
-New fan bearings.
-Improved PWM filtering for reduced/eliminated coil whine.