ChillDex 2.0 Pro

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New and Improved!

This version of the ChillDex is geared towards unbeatable fan speed and airflow performance!!!
12000RPM fans with upgraded bearings for performance, reliability and ultimate airflow.
If you are working up a serious sweat during your play-sessions and dont mind audible wind-noise then this is the ChillDex for you.

Get rid of the in-headset sweat, Play longer, cooler and more comfortably with the ChillDex 2.0 PRO,
The ChillDex adapts to your temperature to always be out of mind when wearing, using or storing your headset.

See full feature list below.

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features include:
-Thermal based fan control “Set-And-Forget”
Customizable temperature response fan curve of 5 pre-sets
Manual fan control of 10 speed settings + off
-Air sealing gasket
-Faceplate compatibility
-Efficient moisture expulsion reduces lens fog
-Ultra powerful 12000RPM fans.

V2.0 Improvements:
-Settings retained if index unplugged or unpowered. (this is my favorite improvement)
-Plastics modification for more airflow and elimination of blade scraping during movement.
-New electronics (upgraded CPU for better thermal curve response and memory)
-New fan bearings.
-Modification of auto start temps for play in different climates.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2.4 cm
Reviews (4)

4 reviews for ChillDex 2.0 Pro

  1. Curtis Richey (verified owner)

    Really impressed with this little thing, It’s not a AC unit on your face but it’s some serious relief when the headset is baking your eyeballs.
    Some nifty features and it’s visor compatible!! The purple is seriously badass.

  2. Antonio Guevara (verified owner)

    very nice, works well

  3. Casey Rae (verified owner)

    Even at low settings it makes a significant difference, It’s pretty unnoticeable in noise under 70% speed I’d say, I don’t think it holds up to beatsaber sessions but honestly makes a difference in literally every other game, It’s probably extended my play sessions by a few hours now at least.

  4. Ju (verified owner)

    I “upgraded” from the older 1.0 version to the new 2.0 Pro. What can I say? It was totally worth it, the 2.0 Pro has much more power than my 1.0 did. I have it running in the lower RPMs and for me the cooling effect is significantly higher than with my 1.0 on the highest possible setting! In this setting, the 2.0 Pro is barely noticeable, as soon as I start up a game or enter a voice chat, the device is completely unnoticeable for me (and the people I’m playing with) in terms of noise. The new upgraded fan bearings also seem to be much better, my 1.0 version was really loud at the higher RPMs, especially when I moved my head (what of course is absolutely essential in VR :D). But the 2.0 Pro never produced any noise like this so far, so that’s a great improvement there 🙂 All in all I’m absolutely happy with my 2.0 Pro and I can say: if you really want great performance, this might be the device for you 😉

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