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Does the ChillDex blow wind into your face?

No, It blows away from your face. It pulls the heat from the headset and your face out of the system leaving your face cool and dry. your face in the mask area should be much cooler and less sweaty as the moisture evaporates out of the headset.

How do I switch modes or change the curve profiles?

Check out the instructions page for info on modes and operation!

How much does it weigh?

ait weighs just 23.3 grams.
It consists of just plastic and fiberglass so it’s as light as a plastic keychain or so.
It’s unnoticeable in terms of weight in the headset

Can this be used with the faceplate on?

While you can use the Chilldex with the original faceplate, It does impede the airflow slightly and is less efficient but it’s designed to be compatible.

Check out the official ChillDex Faceplate for a faceplate with zero sacrifices on looks or performance!

Should I worry about dust or moisture affecting my Index?

ChillDex is proud to confirm that there have been zero reported issues of dust or damage to a customers Index in the last year of operation.  Rest assured that the ChillDex has been time-tested.

The Index has sealed air-tight lens assemblies protecting the screens from dust. The Index also has a passive vent for warm airflow through the same vents in the front. Sweat and moisture will be a concern regardless of a cooler solution.

Do you ship to my country?

aChilldex Ships to most if not all countries which are serviceable with Eshipper,  The shipping rate and currency conversion is all dynamic and live so expect the pricing to go up and down slightly on a daily basis based on the world economy and Covid affected shipping costs.

How long does shipping take?

aWhile the site ships worldwide, specific addresses in rural or difficult to reach areas around the world may be declined.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, international shipments outside of North America may take an additional 5-10 days due to extreme backlog at DHL’s worldwide hub. This has been consistent for a few months now.

Do I have to pay customs fees if I live outside of Canada?

aIf living in the US then customs fees are not applicable through US/Canada trade agreements.

Outside of north America/Canada/USA You will have to pay applicable duties based on the laws / regulation of your country.  Please refer to your international importing guidelines as some countries do not charge import tax on goods under specific amounts.

What if my fans sound strange?

aHaving fans spinning at 7000rpm may cause some coil whine or buzzing when rotating your headset quickly, this is the nature of the beast unfortunately. With upgraded bearings, plastics and electronics the ChillDex 2.0 aims to improve or eliminate these issues.

Despite this, on all fan speeds while moderately still the fans should be near silent other than wind noise.  If there is some buzzing, let me know if it is too distracting and I can provide options for replacement.

All fans are inspected by a sound pressure meter for noise and then further inspected by a tester out of the factory, hand inspected by myself and then tested before packaging.  I am finding that many are easily damaged during shipping or buzz after the fans are displaced when pressing on the face of the Chilldex during installation.  Please reach out for replacement if there is any issue!

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