Snug seal improves airflow efficiency at low windspeeds

A thermoplastic elastomer is molded in a collar around the device. By sealing tightly against the enclosure a lower airspeed can be used thus being more power efficient and most importantly lowering fan noise.


Switch between 10 speeds to target optimal comfort

To enter Temperature-sense mode, press both buttons simultaneously.
Fans will automatically adjust to your temperature output.

Rest assured, temperature sense mode can be overridden by pressing any button to enter manual control. Target optimal flow speed for noise or wind-feel

Specialty made dual 7000RPM Fans are designed for near silence during seated or active play. Custom made 12000RPM (PRO) Fans offer absolute unbeatable cooling performance for the most active play.


Designed for faceplate compatibility, internal ribbed channels direct air linearly up and out of the headset

While the design facilitates operation with the faceplate installed, the ChillDex will perform best with the faceplate off or through the use of an official ChillDex faceplate.


Powerful ultra silent 7000 RPM fans are custom made for Chilldex, targeting the perfect balance of airflow, noise and wind-feel

The end result should be a invisible addition to your added comfort in VR.
With an average temperature of 55C under little to no load, the index gets plenty hot on it’s own.  The Chilldex will bring that ambient temp to a much more comfortable 35C with an ambient temperature of 24C

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